Connolly Finan Fleming Solicitors are one of the leading law firms providing professional advice and legal representation in all areas of both criminal and civil law. We have a highly experienced and dedicated team of eight solicitors and large support staff and are centrally located in the city centre adjacent to the Criminal Courts of Justice and close to the Four Courts.
When a person or corporate body is accused of a criminal offence, often their natural instinct is to cooperate fully and answer all questions that the Gardai or relevant Regulatory Body put to them in the hope that the matter will simply go away. However this may not be the prudent approach and experience has taught us that early intervention by an experienced solicitor can lead to a more successful and fairer result. We can assess each situation and offer dispassionate and practical advice on how best to resolve matters at the initial inquiry stage or ultimately defend matters in the future. If you are invited to attend a Garda Station and make a voluntary statement, it is imperative that you seek legal advice prior to doing so, as advice taken at this stage can influence whether or not any criminal charges are brought against you. If you are charged, the legal advice you receive at this stage can dictate how you defend the charges when the matter proceeds to Court which will ultimately determine the outcome of your case. We have access to a vast network of forensic scientists and other witness experts who work with us in defending our clients.