The rate of prosecution in this area has increased significantly with more and more cases appearing before the Courts every day. Sexual Offences cover a broad spectrum of offences including

  • Sexual Assault
  • Aggravated Sexual Assault
  • Rape
  • Possession/Distribution of Child Pornography
  • Sexual Grooming and Exploitation of a minor
  • Defilement

Due to the nature of these allegations the vast majority of them are grounded on the injured parties allegation against the defendant. As these interactions usually happen in private it is simply one persons word against another and often clients are shocked that they can find themselves in a Garda Station or before a Court based on a single allegation from a person who is usually known to them.

Therefore it is imperative to obtain legal advice before making any statement to Gardai as it is necessary for one of our team of experts to consider any such allegations and advise on the best approach to ensure a successful outcome.

A conviction under any of the above offences may result in an individual being subject to certain notification requirements under Section 10 of the Sex Offenders Act 2001, this has far reaching consequences for a person’s personal life, family and career.

Often people do not appreciate the repercussions and possible consequences that a mere allegation can lead to, therefore it is imperative to have legal advice at the very outset.

Such an allegation will also result in a referral to TUSLA and they are required to carry out a risk assessment so therefore it is essential that if an allegation is made against you that you contact Amanda and receive advice in this area.

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