Founding partner Michèle Finan joined Barrister Amanda Connolly and later incorporated leading Solicitor Simon Fleming to form Connolly Finan Fleming. Over the past 15 years, Michèle has committed herself to children’s rights law. Michèle represents some of the most experienced Guardians Ad Litem in the country, who are experts in advocating during court proceedings involving children. Michèle has had many successful cases in relation to childcare law, in particular a judicial review which was taken to obtain funding for an Irish disabled child in residential care in the UK. Michèle travels around the country to represent the Guardians She has shown time and time again her passion for serving society’s most vulnerable, and Michèle is perhaps best known for the promotion of children’s rights. She is also an experienced and qualified mediator and a skilled practitioner in alternative dispute resolution. Michèle is currently undertaking an Advanced Diploma in Quasi–Judicial Decision–Making. Michèle graduated with an honours degree in law from Trinity College Dublin. She worked with Michael J. Staines and Company for several years before establishing Connolly Finan Fleming, which has become one of the most sought-after practices in criminal law, human rights, family, and childcare law.